Thursday, January 28

PRECIOUS on the BIG screen tomorrow

Hi Guys!

Finally the movie Precious will be showing in Sweden from the 29th of January. I am looking forward to watching this movie. It has only received positive critic from the Stockholm Film Festival. I must say Lee Daniels totally sold the movie to me when he was interviewed at the SFF. One thing he said that struck me was that he said that he was surprised to see how the movie was appreciated by a white audience because he had never watched the movie with so many whites before. He went on to say that the movie was primarily produced for a black audience... and that´s why it felt awkward for him. Interesting !

The movie is filled with big names Mariah Carey, Lenny Cravitz, Monique and even Oprah Winfrey has had a share in the production.

Here is a trailer to work on your appetite...

Go watch the movie, that´s if you haven´t yet!

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, January 21

Back from africa!

Hi guys! I have been to Zimbabwe and had a wonderful time! Just have to say it was the perfect holiday and I really enjoyed every single bit of it.... Here are some songs I would like to share with you that made it big on the Zimbabwean charts 2009. Here are my two fav songs.

Shaina by Alexio

Murume wangu by Madiz

Stay tuned for more news from zim.....