Saturday, June 27

Michael Jackson a genius of all time

Hi Guys!

How is the weekend so far? Has the MJ news sunk in yet? I am both chocked and sad for especially his family and children but also for the music world. He has inspired so many artists dance moves. The likes of Usher, Chris Brown, Beyoncé, Neyo and so on... The list is endless!

However sad to say, there was a lot going on with guy, we just did not know about, right?... All the same, we will remember him for his GREAT, GREAT music. One of fav songs is "I will be there". The video sums it up for me. Enjoy it!

Have nice weekend.

Friday, June 19

H & M finally cooperates with Jimmy Choo

Hi Guys!

Here comes some good news for all you fashionistettes out there! 14 November is a date for you all to remember. It is the day that H & M opens it's doors to present a collection by Jimmy Choo. The collection will include mainly shoes and purses, however a small collection of clothes for both men and women will be sold.

According to the press information that has been provided the shoes and purses will cost between 398 and 1998 kr. Not bad ha... if not, well start saving now! The collection will be launched in 200 H&M boutiques mostly in big cities. I am sure Stockholm will be one of them!

H & M Press chef Jenni Tappar Hoäl & Jimmy Choos founder Tamara Mellon

Looking forward to November already.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, June 17

Finally summer is in Stockholm

Hi Yáll!

It has been a very long, cold and dark winter but today I saw with my very own eyes a summer sign. It's such a relief to finally see that we are going towards brighter days.
About my blogging, honestly, I just had no energy to write. You can't imagine the anxiety I felt, everytime I thought about my bad updates but now l will do my best.

Back to SUMMER..... So much to do and to look forward to! Here are a few things I have longed for, for summer 2009.

No:1) Swedish strawberries

I don't know but there is just something about the strawberries here that just give me this feeling that it is finally summer. l simply have to have mine with some whipped fresh cream with a touch of vanilla. Hmmmmmmm Yummy Yummy

No:2) SALES in swedish: REALISATION

Lets face it, this credit crunch has left us all opting for cheaper alternatives right! I am looking forward to this year's sale period, which is officially starting this weekend. However a few shops have false started their sales due to the economic situation.

Check this pair of shoes l bought last year for just 149kr

Hope I can do better this year in terms of price....

No:3) Outdoor training:

I am so glad that my gym arranges some of the training sessions outdoors. It's so much fun. I will support this arrangement as much as possible.

Hope you all enjoy your summer and it´s nice to start blogging again.

Good Night!