Wednesday, September 24

Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery, Possible

Hi guys,
just came across these videos (Eve Pearl) and thought I should share them with you. I love that she is catering for us black women too....
Don´t you just love, what she did with nose!
I have to admit, I am beginning to believe that, maybe not all celebrities have done plastic surgery... Write and let me know what you think of this one.

Todays menu
Breakfast: Tea and a banana
Lunch: Last night left overs. I must say they tasted better today...
Midday snack: Soy yogurt
Dinner: Too tired to make food so I ate yogurt with lost of stuff in it

Good Night

Tuesday, September 23

Sorry.....No internet connection

Hi guys!
Sorry for the terrible update but these past few days my internet connection has not been available and neither was my telephone working so I was kind of isolated. Finally after calling the support center in India we were able to get back on the net.

This weekend, not much action, I was at home. One of the days though, I watching a documentary about the world`s fattest man, Manuel Uribe, and I was thinking to myself "How can someone get this HUGE? Almost 350kg, incredible!!!!

Manuel Uribe in his bed

...."I mean he is so big, he has not been able to get out of his bed for almost six years", they said,
....So big, he is in the Guinness world record for the fattest man ever known,
.....So big, that if he lost the weight he would also make it to the Guinness world record for The person, who has lost the most weight ever...

Well, I was so intrigued by the fact that the people around him did not say or do a thing about his condition. I mean his family, friends, workmates, etc, I think they could see that his weight was escalating. I even blame it mostly on the doctors especially for not doing anything about it . I think it´s high time doctors actually confronted their patients about their overweight and obesity problems.

On the brighter side of life though it was stated that Manuel Uribe is on a Low Carb diet just like the one I am on nowadays. The nice thing too is he is losing lots of weight, Nice right... So that's even more proof that the GI- low carb diet works. Yippie!!! Well, all I can say is just don´t let the weight take over your life or someone in your life, like it did for this guy... Coz it was really miserable to see!

Todays diet
Breakfast: Yogurt with3 sorts seeds(Sesame, linseed and psyllium)
Lunch: Had no time to eat so I grabbed a Low cab, low GI chocolate bar and had 2 fruits to it
Snack: Tea, tea, and a boiled egg with cavier
Supper: I will have Spaghetti Bolognaise with some Soya Bean and lentil salad.
Am off to the gym will work out 1 hour intensive workout...Burn some fat

Talk some more tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 17

Day 9 -today´s diet regime " I must eat pizza"

Guys today was the worst day of all since the diet started in terms of craving. It´s that period when a woman just has to eat whatever she craves and today it was the Authentic Italian Pizza. Mine has to have Mozzarella Cheese, with air dried ham, basil and tomato... I thought of you all, my newly found bloggville family, how you have supported me. I also thought of how far I have come. So, I decided to once again resist. l told myself no and I DID IT!

Instead, when I came home, l made an omelet. With, guess what? My favorite pizza ingredients Mozzarella Cheese, air dried ham, basil and tomato...It was just as good as a pizza, try it too.

Base for omelet For 2
3-4 eggs
1/2 a cup milk
1 cup of grated cheese
Crushed garlic
butter to fry in
Salt and pepper to taste
Beat eggs, milk, salt and pepper together. Melt butter and wait until it´s reasonably hot but not too hot. Pourover the egg mixture. Let it cook at low heat. Sprinkle some cheese over the eggs...At this stage, you can now add and combine which ever ingredients you find appealing, tuna fish, onions. shrimps, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms etc. The choice is yours... Sprinkle more cheese over and leave on the heat until the cheese has melted. Serve with a good salad.

So next time you get a pizza crave and you can eat something healthier as an Omelet version of your favorite Pizza.

Today´s menu!
Tea for breakfast wit a banana
Lunch:Italian omelet
tea, tea, tea and protein bar after training
Carrot and broccoli soup and fish
I trained one hour at low intensity. It was really nice to go back to the gym.

Tuesday, September 16

One week on the diet and it´s working!!!!!

Hi all,
one week has now passed with me on the GI DIET. I have said to myself, I will only weigh and measure myself only once every week. So today was the day and here is the verdict... weight: -2,5kg; waist: -0,7cm and hips: -1cm.

Why is it so important with the waist measurements?

The goal for women is less than 80 cm and for men is less than 94 cm. Fat around the waist increases the risk for Type-2 diabetes as well coronary heart diseases. Statistics show that those with waist measurements that are over 88 cm for women and over 102 cm for men, are prone to diseases. So make sure you measure yourself and see your status.

Do not despair, if you are overweight!
Take control, of yourself and your lifestyle. Think like this, you are most likely eating more than what your body needs and /or can burn. The best way is for you to, first do a diet plan that you will follow religiously. Eat healthy food and start training at least 30 minutes a day. That´s enough exercise for a day.Eat regular meals at specific times that is breakfast, lunch , a midday snack and supper.Remember to eat a variety of foods to get the best from all food groups.

Take control of your health and your body with the right numbers, and you will see that you will feel better.

This is what I ate today:
Breakfast: Yogurt with sesame seeds and tea
Lunch: Salad ( fresh: broccoli, lettuce, tomato, carrots, cabbage, red onions, and marinated chick peas) to this I had fish again
Midday snack: tea tea tea
Supper: Mashed cauliflower with pork chops

Good night!

Monday, September 15

Sharing my favorite recipe...

Hi guys, just want say thanks for the love and support. I feel so motivated to do this even more now, THANK YOU.
How was the weekend? Mine was fine just filled with lots of temptations though. You know everywhere I went people seemed to offer me Carbohydrates, unbelievable. Take this, was invited for a crayfish party! What is served? Potatoes, baguette, wine, crisps, sauces made with flour, you name it was all there. I actually surprised myself in a way, because I managed to remain discreet about my non-carbohydrate /-alcohol status. It all went well, no mistakes reported from my part.
I got a cold, so not much activity after that, was indoors the rest of the weekend, and too bad, no exercise either. That was not so good.

Anyway, for today I want to share with you a very fancy and absolutely delicious dish of mine. You guys will love it, I know for sure.
Stuffed Paprika/Peppers Mexican way
The ingredients
500g minced meat
2-3 eggs depending in size( beaten)
3 Carrots
2 cups of maize
3 Small onions
4 Cloves of Garlic
1 cup grated Cheese
1 cup of chopped tomatoes
2-3 tsp Chili powder
4 tbsp cooking oil
Salt and pepper to taste
If you have and would like, add Mexican spice you know taco mix (optional though)

NB: For those not doing the diet you can add, 1 cup of boiled rice.


I: Set the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Peel and chop the onions, garlic and add to the minced meat. Peel and grate the carrots and add to the meat at the same time as you add the maize corn and cheese. Mix thoroughly. The rest of the ingredients tomatoes, chili , eggs, cooking oil, salt and pepper add them together. Then mix this to the minced meat mixture. I added some cashew nuts.

II: Prepare the peppers as in the the picture. Cut the tops clean the inside that is remove the seeds and rinse them in preparation for stuffing.

Stuff the peppers with minced meat mixture.
As always with this recipe its not all of the mixture that will fit into the peppers. With that I usually just make big meat balls with them. Sprinkle some cheese over the food.
Grill in the preheated oven for 30 minutes and this is what you get.

Just from the oven

And on the plate

I served with tomato salsa and peas hmmm delicious.
Today´s menu
Breakfast: Tea and scrambled eggs and a banana
Lunch: Fish with crab & shrimp sauce served with salad
Snack: Peanuts and tea
Dinner: Broccoli and peas soup served with Tofu.
No training today. I have a cold.

Bye guys, let´s talk some more tomorrow.

Friday, September 12

Day 4 - First time, to say no to french pastries

Hi yáll!
How is it going with the diet? Any carb abstinence syndrome yet? Well, I have mine today but I have resisted so far. I should reward myself if I pull through which I will, I am determined. I really want pizza, for the sake of just having pizza, coz it´s forbidden, therefore I will not give in. Just ate some yoghurt and you know what, the cravings disappeared, just like that...

Monica and I

Anyway, I went to town to see a friend Monica , it was so much fun... I got a lovely autumn present from her, a jersey it was so lovely. So typical as we went through town we passed through an international food festival, how do you resist French pastries??? HOW? ??? Nightmare to the diet no pastries please, I just walked right across did not turn back. That was true temptation...but still pulled through.
Day 4- STILL NO CARBS... as we walked on by we see a crew of photographers and a model just outside The GUCCI Store and she was so thin and it inspired me even some more not to eat carbs. Check her out and the crew...

Here is today´s menu!
Breakfast: Yogurt with fruit and alfa alfa seeds
Lunch: A Chicken salad
Snack: Yogurt with plums
Dinner:Cauliflower Gratin form last night with some meatballs

Thursday, September 11

Day 3 starting to feel lighter already

Hi everyone,

Today I thought of sharing with you one of my favorite recipes that I am going to eat tonight for dinner and it´s GI suited. It is a Cauliflower Gratin very tasty, great substitute for potatoes...This is is enough for 4 portions.

1 Big Cauliflower

2 tsb margarine

1 big potato cooked and mashed
200ml of vegetable broth or water from cooking the cauliflower
1 egg yolk
200 ml cream
1 cup cheese grated
Grated nutmeg, salt, peppar

Cook the cauliflower in lightly salted water until they are very soft. Drain and keep the water. Fry the mashed potatoes in margarine and add the vegetable broth or the water together with the cream. Mix off heat until it´s a smooth then on the heat to get a thick constancy. Add half of the cheese and egg yellow while steering, add salt and peeper to taste. Put the cauliflower in a Pyrex form and pour over the sauce over the vegetables. Sprinkle cheese over the sauce. Put the form in a very hot oven until the gratin gets a golden brown color. Serve with wine poached Fish... and vegetables like peas for example. You can can add carrots and onion , garlic , broccoli and mushrooms to the recipe to add more flavor . You can also use milk instead of cream as long as you cook the sauce longer for that rich thick sauce.....Try this dish, it is so delicious, both money and time saver.

Back to today´s menu this is what I at

For breakfast: I had Tea with milk and yoghurt
For Lunch I had left overs from last night the minced meat omelet...

Have a nice day....Give me feedback.

Wednesday, September 10

Day 2 on the diet

Hi guys, how is it going for you? I am sure you are keeping up the good work right...
I wont say much today but just my menu for the....
Breakfast: woke up late so I took Brunch with an omelet with tuna guys I love tuna fish these days, it tastes sooooo good
Midday Snack: Chocolate Smoothie
Supper: Minced Meat, Mushroom, Onion, Tomato omelet...Green lettuce Salad

Now I have had loads of water, I walked home for about 45 minutes and well , I am positive about this whole diet thing .
Good night I have an early day tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 9

Let´s go on a lose weight quest....for 6 weeks

Hi guys!
I am back to school now and I am feeling quite good about this new autumn term. Well, the only sad thing is that after the summer you know the kilos pile up and you see it around the tummy area, hips and the face. All the same I have decided to do something about this and I am changing my lifestyle to lose the kilos. Since I am a GI diet fan, I will do that diet. Throughout the week, I will be giving you my daily diet and workout plan for those who want to join in, you are welcome and let go for it and see how much we lose.
The dos during these coming six week:
Power walk or train at the gym at least 1 hour a day;
Drink 2 liters water everyday;
Follow the GI diet quick start program religiously;
No alcohol;
Stay motivated
The don't s
No sugar (soft drinks, sweets, jam, you name it don´t go there;
Wheat products (Pasta, bread,etc)
No potatoes or Rice
No more than one fruit per day
No eating after 1900 hrs except for tea or nuts

NB: This diet is not calorie based so one eats until they are full.

Today´s meal plan
Breakfast: Natural Yogurt with a fruit and sesame seeds

Lunch: Tuna fish,cheese and green pepper omelet served with salad

Midday snack: Milkshake alt Smoothie

Supper: Grilled chicken served with Tsatsiki and Salad

Well I have just had my lunch now and I am off to the gym now. Stay motivated and have a nice day...

Friday, September 5


Hi guys! I was doing what everyone does in the blog community, you know read what other bloggers have written, comment and analyze. My, my, my look at what I came across a comment by one who calls himself K-daddy. He is analyzing the contestants one by one check this out...
K-daddy said...

"Just by looking at them[the contestants] , I am going to attempt character sketches of these people...someone come back well into the series and tell me if i was right or wrong....
The Nigerian Guy - Seems like a man's man. A natural leader. An opportunist especially with the ladies. I don't think he'll actively persue any of teh ladies in there but if the opportunity presented itself, he wouldn't hesitate at all. Will get along with guys and girls equally i think. Not the most organized guy and probably won't care too much about personal hygiene either. like i said, a man's man.

Kenyan Girl: Teacher's Pet. HOllier-than-thou (or at least pretend to be). Pseudo-motherly. If she can't be the most desirable (to the guys), she will try to be the most religious, or the most morally upright. It's all a farce though. She knows her way around the block.

Botswana Girl: Saucy-minx. Feminist, in-your-face, bitch. I don't care how long it takes to show but these traits will eventually come out. Least likely to hook up in the house.

Angola Guy: Sexually ambiguious (cue earrings on both ears). I'd keep an eye on this one if i were the guys in the house. Will not get along well with the Nigerian Guy at all. Again, it may not seem like it in the beginning but if they both stay on long enough, it will come out. Will get along better with the ladies. Happy-go-lucky. Liberal. Hippie. And probably cares a whole lot about a lot of unimportant issues.

Zimbabwe guy: I can't really tell. Not a lot of character in his face. Either comes from a very rich family or is a thief. How anyone gets so fat in a country where there is nothing to eat is a mystery to me! Might leave early.

Zambia guy: Annoying. Could pass for an cocaine dealer where i'm will try too hard at everything. being cool, hooking up, winning tasks, trying to pretend he's hygienic.everything.

South Africa Guy: Serious case of SMS (small man syndrome). Extremely Annoying. He's not a fool. And he won't suffer fools either. Condescending - without necessarily having any position from which to be condescending.

Uganda Guy: overall cool guy. Ladies man i bet. Self appointed peace keeper.Artsy, Fun loving, lets-make-love-not-war kinda guy.

Ghana Girl: Prude. Like seriously prude. Absolutely won't hook up. **Is that a moustache i see on her?** Speaking as a ghanaian, i can bet my last dollar she's a virgin. She's from the North. Probably muslim. Trust me guys, there'll be no late-night shenanigans from this one. Motherly. Won't get along well with at least one of the other girls.

Tanzania Girl: Low budget don't care what the organizers say. they know exactly where they found this one. on the streets of bangkok or berlin.

Namibia girl: Sweet-heart. lovable. likeable. very comfortable around the guys. Either that or she's the queen B herself.

Malawi girl: Very smart. She's beautiful and she knows it. More mature than the others. Will be the voice of reason. Much to the annoyance of the tanzanian"

I was mostly surprised by the way K-daddy commented on the Zimbabwean guy, I mean how can you judge someone through the economic situation in the country. It´s absurd. I also disagree with K-daddy´s comments on the the other contestants as well. I mean the blog community has somewhat become a place for bullying, making personal attacks towards people and the worst of it all "IT IS ACCEPTED". Why? Well on the blog everything seems to be allowed or well you can get away with it I suppose. Simply said "Everything is allowed! something needs to be done....

These are just my reflections maybe they differ from yours but despite the differences RESPECT should always come first....

Have a nice weekend......

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