Monday, June 30

Blackness in Sweden- Labour immigrants

Hi guys, thanks a lot for the support! I am truly overwhelmed by your response it means a lot for me. Many have sent comments highlighting what they would like read which is a lot of help for me because I can redirect my thoughts in the right direction therefore I will write for 100% for you.

Anyway continuing on the same theme of being black in Sweden, I would like to point out today that for it to be possible to be "Afro-Swedish" you need to be here in Sweden right!. Many may not know though that coming to Sweden is among the hardest processes due to a number of factors of which a few of I have already mentioned yesterday and that is the language. I am not going to touch on the language factor today....

Yet another factor that I will mention though is that the country is isolated from since there are few foreigners with an African background that are living here. This means that most people who might want to move here are put off by the idea of moving to a place where they do not know anyone, making Sweden even more isolated. Another thing too I have noticed is that there is not much information about Sweden in English that is readily available for anyone, if inquiries are to arise since most of it is in Swedish. If you do not know anyone living here, I´m quite sure most of you are like me you would not pick up the phone to call the embassy to inquire on what exactly is meant by the piece of information provided..... you would just leave it at that, right?

That is one of the reasons why I started this blog, partly to help those who might be interested in moving to/ visiting Sweden. I will be posting on a regular basis some tips and suggestions of how one can come to Sweden. At the same time if you know someone and you have the right information as well a good contact with your Swedish Embassy your way to Sweden will be the easiest to. Nothing is hard as long as you have the solution to the equation.

What I will take up below is among the hottest debates in Sweden right now. an article that was published recently that is on the 3rd of June 2008 highlighted that Sweden has large percentage of an aging population. already by year 2011 a total of 124 000 people are going to be pensioners. Within 10 years over a million people will have retired which means that the labour force in Sweden will not be enough. The EU countries are in a more or less similar situation as us, making it only possible for Sweden to look to recruit labour outside EU.

One factor already is that there is shortage of 25 000 construction workers as it is right now and
labour from immigrants is more than welcome starting from the 15 December 2008. To be able to qualify as a labour immigrant there is a particular criteria one needs to fulfill and they are as follows:
  • You must have a written offer of employment in Sweden, made out on a special form which your employer can obtain via the the Swedish Public Employment Service's web site After approval from the Public Employment Service your employer must send the form to you so that you can enclose it with your application.
  • Your employer shall guarantee you pay, insurance coverage and other terms of employment equal to at least the collective agreement or Swedish practice in the profession or the branch of trade.
  • Accommodation must have been arranged for you in Sweden
  • You must be fully prepared to leave Sweden when your term of employment is over.

More information on where to apply, what it costs, to solve those double extra ,extra hustles follow this link believe me it helps Swedish Immigration

Guys I hope this post has been helpful. I will let you know how to apply for work in Sweden tomorrow!

Bye for now

Sunday, June 29

Being black in Sweden

This week I will be featuring Sweden from an african/foregner´s perspective. It´s never easy moving to a new country where everything is new. The people, the culture and most of all the unwritten rules that can make one feel accepted or out of place and these are just among the changes that one has to deal with when moving.

The biggest change when one moves to Sweden though, I would say is the SWEDISH language. For anyone to really make it and to feel as a part of the swedish society one needs to know the language. Therefore the first thing that I usually recommend to anyone moving here on a permanent basis is that they redirect their resources into learning the language. Why I recommend learning swedish despite what your background is, is that it makes everything else easier and what I primarily mean is the practical part of life.

There is a language package at the universities or other education centers designed to help newly arrived foreigners called Swedish For Foreigners (SFI). Since all education is free in Sweden one does not need to fear the costs that come with the course.

Another thing is that as much as one is proud of their background it is most helpful to know how Swedes live their lives and why they live their lives the way they do. This gives one an overall veiw of the society and makes it easier to understand a number of things happening around one. The best way to understand Swedes is to associate with them. As hard as many claim this to be since swedes are are a bit closed on an initial contact, I still think that one should try as much as they can to get to know a number of swedes, as this helps in the long run.

There is also another aspect to sweden which a swede cannot help one with and that is when it comes to things like foreign food, hair and skin products for black people, african clothing, interior designing, music and so on... In this area it helps if you know someone with an african background. However lately there has been an increase in the range of shops providing african services. What I miss though from most of these african retailers is quality and exclusiveness in the presentation and the service provided. I do understand that since the whole country is predominantly white, many of the retailers don´t regard the foreign market as lucrative, therefore they are not investing in this area. However small scale companies owned by private people with little capital are opened. Naturally these partnership company owners are not willing to spend much on the extra details that give class and quality so in that case african servives are behind the rest. I ´m happy about one thing though and that is that these shops are there... otherwise where in this country would I be able to get my products.

In the near future, I will be taking you through Sweden and I hope you will get a veiw of the country from my angle. Write in and comment on what you think of the posts as well as what you would like to read about...

Enjoy your evening

Friday, June 20

Off to the countryside

Oh finally this terrible week is over and starting from today the midsummer holidays have commenced.

Midsummer holidays mean that we are in the middle of the summer. The number hours with the sun shining are beginning to decrease.

I will definitely stay in touch form the country side.

Bye bye.......

Monday, June 16

Eye makeup

Hi guys I have had a really busy weekend with work, casting for an advertisement and so on ... thats why its been very terrible with updating but will surely improve this week!

Am not going to write much today but I will just show some eye make up I bought for myself and I got as a present from a friend during the weekend. Tomorrow I will feature how one can get the cat look as one in the picture but to start of with you could get yourself some eyeshadow as below.

You can go expensive but you can also go budget, its really up to you... both alternatives work. Its simply a matter of taste and what your pocket allows.

YSL is a luxury brand a bit on the expensive side! You find them at NK or Åhléns in sweden but also on their website

You can also get good makeup at budget price and here is one of the ranges of eye shadows H&M has. Lovely stuff it is. If you want to buy this makeup on line this is their link
Otherwise H&M is in most countries in Europe and in the States as well.

Bronze powder by H&M is also really nice...

More from me tomorrow!

Friday, June 13

EURO 2008 menu

Hi guys, the match is now finally over, what a match! Holland I wonder how they do it they are on fire!

I just had to watch Holland´s match today after they had massacred Italy on their previous match. However I knew that even though I was up for a GOURMET supper today it would have to eat it in front of the TV. We call them TV dinners...

So this is what I made:
Garlic beef braised in Rosé Wine and Balsam Vinegar.
Quinoa pasta and broccoli coated in pesto sauce. I also served Rucola and to give it a more friday feeling we topped it of the with a glass of South African wine Mulderbosch a Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé from Stellenbosch.

Good night from me and if you try this dish BON Appétit.

Best dressed politician a Kenyan

Hi guys the list is now finally out and I am so proud to present the nominees for this year...

Well this year forget France´s president Nicolas Sarkozy or even Hamid Karzai, Afghan president who made it in the Esquire magazine´s list of well dressed man in 2007 . This year only one politician made it to the top ten rankings and he happens to have Kenyan blood. I am talking about Barrack Obama a politician with Kenyan roots.

Not only has Obama enjoyed the success of being ranked in Esquire but has silently given an answer back to Tom Ford one of the fashion icons, who has long said he wants to sharpen Obama´s already well thought look of tailored suits with a tinge of edginess. He has actually said in other words that he thinks that Obama is not well dressed. The funny thing though is that Tom Ford did not make it in the list at all. That says something about our fashion icons hmmm... I suppose like beauty, fashion too is in the eye of the beholder.

For Obama everything seems to be working out just right, he is now the democrats presidential candidate. However Telegraph News possed a question that I too am wondering over, they say "What does Obama really finds most amusing? Being the presidential candidate or being one of the best dressed man in the world this year?".

All I can say its nice to see him in the list!Obama and his lovely wife Michelle

For the complete list of the nominees check this link out The top ten list 2008

Thursday, June 12

Africa fashion Week COUNTDOWN

In just about a fortnight in Durban, South Africa, ambitious, talented and energetic designers eager to show the rest of the world their creations will have invaded the city. If everything goes accordingly at 18:00hrs on the 25th of june the first designer will be showing his/her collection.

The whole event is courtesy to the African Fashion International (AFI) a company that has taken it upon itself to help some of South Africa's major fashion designers to establish themselves in South Africa and around the world. According to the AFI reviews they own and present the African continent's most recognized fashion weeks.
This design was reviewed as a tribal attire

The schedule for this year´s
MTN Durban Fashion Week starts wednesday 25 june to saturday 25 june 2008.

Here are some designs to mouth water you from past African fashion Weeks. Hope you love them.

For more information about the upcoming fashion shows visit this link
African Fashion International

Wednesday, June 11

A luxury brand by GUCCI

Hi guys, I hope you have had a wonderful day.

Today I will be featuring some beautiful products that are both stylish and exclusive by GUCCI. GUCCI was started as a Leather Company by Guccio Gucci in 1921 in Florence, Italy. By the 1930s the brand was already attracting sophisticated clientèle by its unique horsebit and stirrup motifs. As we all know GUCCI today is still among the extravagant brands worn by the affluent in society. Most of us associate this brand mainly with its luxurious bags, belts,
wallets but the brand has expanded to a much wider range of clientèle.

Sunglasses are a necessity especially in the summer. If you are to do it the GUCCI way, a lovely pair like this one, will definitely increase the luxury effect.

Costs from US$90

Another product that is well needed is a watch. This wrist-watch is not only ranked as among the best designs but also as being very practical for use. Sold in gold and stainless steel. Luxury effect very high.

Costs US$2300

I can recommend the following product to all as it is affordable for almost anyone. Although GUCCI is a luxury product otherwise, their perfume prices are ranging in the same league as other quality fragrances. I own the fragrance featured here and I must admit it is really worth its price.
Lastly, I would never have associated this last product with GUCCI at all, since in my opinion its not what they normally design. However this only shows that the GUCCI team is not only innovative but very contemporary.
GUCCI shows that there are no boundaries to the fashion industry!

For more information about GUCCI you can visit their website here at GUCCI.

Monday, June 9

Todays Outfit

Hi everyone I hope you had a lovely day wherever you are in the world...
Happy news for me today! My sister-in -law bought me this lovely dress from Spain Madrid. She is situated there now and when she came home for the summer vacations and had this lovely present for me. I am totally flattered because its the perfect outfit for this summer " The sailor fashion" in other words nautical clothing is in. I love it, one can wear it both formally and casually without losing elegance. What I love mostly about this particular dress is the details the white band and the polka-dotted bow on the shoulder quite elegant.....

As seen in the pictures the dress can be worn in a way suitable for an after work drink/ night out with the girls. But if you lose the heels and add on a pair of sneakers like Gant, Superga or Deck shoes you wont only be fit for sailing but definitely will look great for a casual day out.This is how I looked in the dress today and I admit I got quite a number of compliments regarding the dress today.

Shoes bought in Germany.

If you don´t prefer a black pair of shoes well this gold, bronze and white stripped pair designed by Jennifer Taylor will not go wrong. The party purse is pretty enough in black and I prefer it that way.

Enjoy your evening...

Sunday, June 8

A lovely summer day

It has been once again a lovely summer day in stockholm and everyone looks lovely. Unfortunately, I had to work today so I couldn´t sunbath at all. After work I took a walk back home with one of my best friends catching up on some old time it was really fun.
Days like this I cant eat during the day I get so puffed up in the stomach so this is actually what I drank the whole day at work," Oatmilk ".

Its actually very good for me since I have a sensitive stomach. Low GI too so you do not feel hungry at all, I love this drink.
Yesterday was one of those shopping days and this is what I bought for myself. Some accessories from H&M.

The flowers costed 29.50kr and are they were in three different colours cream ad light blue. I prefered these ones though to the rest.
This lovely peice of work matches almost anything in my wardrobe I love it only cost 49.50kr.

Well its an early morning for me tommorrow so I will call it a day for now.

Saturday, June 7

Summer makeup

Today was really one of those lovely days in Stockholm, the weather was perfect sunny and bright. I , in particular was feeling up for shopping. Surprisingly my darling was up for a shopping round as well which is rather rare, however I am not complaining instead I am quite happy about the whole outcome. We went to NK where I bought some makeup I had totally run out. I only had primer, eyeliner and lipgloss left. One cant get too far with that.

Mac is my favorate makeup brands at the moment you find them at Åhléns and NK, they have everything. They actually have the best make up for all skin types and I cant find any foundation or concealer that works better than this particular brand for my skin.

Right now, after sun bathing my skin is very uneven and to really achieve the look I want to have I must have 2-3 different shades of foundation as below. It really does make a differance in how the makeup looks at the end of the day.

The shades are NC45, NW47, & NW45.

Girls for me M.A.C is the best try it out girls you wont regret.