Monday, June 30

Blackness in Sweden- Labour immigrants

Hi guys, thanks a lot for the support! I am truly overwhelmed by your response it means a lot for me. Many have sent comments highlighting what they would like read which is a lot of help for me because I can redirect my thoughts in the right direction therefore I will write for 100% for you.

Anyway continuing on the same theme of being black in Sweden, I would like to point out today that for it to be possible to be "Afro-Swedish" you need to be here in Sweden right!. Many may not know though that coming to Sweden is among the hardest processes due to a number of factors of which a few of I have already mentioned yesterday and that is the language. I am not going to touch on the language factor today....

Yet another factor that I will mention though is that the country is isolated from since there are few foreigners with an African background that are living here. This means that most people who might want to move here are put off by the idea of moving to a place where they do not know anyone, making Sweden even more isolated. Another thing too I have noticed is that there is not much information about Sweden in English that is readily available for anyone, if inquiries are to arise since most of it is in Swedish. If you do not know anyone living here, I´m quite sure most of you are like me you would not pick up the phone to call the embassy to inquire on what exactly is meant by the piece of information provided..... you would just leave it at that, right?

That is one of the reasons why I started this blog, partly to help those who might be interested in moving to/ visiting Sweden. I will be posting on a regular basis some tips and suggestions of how one can come to Sweden. At the same time if you know someone and you have the right information as well a good contact with your Swedish Embassy your way to Sweden will be the easiest to. Nothing is hard as long as you have the solution to the equation.

What I will take up below is among the hottest debates in Sweden right now. an article that was published recently that is on the 3rd of June 2008 highlighted that Sweden has large percentage of an aging population. already by year 2011 a total of 124 000 people are going to be pensioners. Within 10 years over a million people will have retired which means that the labour force in Sweden will not be enough. The EU countries are in a more or less similar situation as us, making it only possible for Sweden to look to recruit labour outside EU.

One factor already is that there is shortage of 25 000 construction workers as it is right now and
labour from immigrants is more than welcome starting from the 15 December 2008. To be able to qualify as a labour immigrant there is a particular criteria one needs to fulfill and they are as follows:
  • You must have a written offer of employment in Sweden, made out on a special form which your employer can obtain via the the Swedish Public Employment Service's web site After approval from the Public Employment Service your employer must send the form to you so that you can enclose it with your application.
  • Your employer shall guarantee you pay, insurance coverage and other terms of employment equal to at least the collective agreement or Swedish practice in the profession or the branch of trade.
  • Accommodation must have been arranged for you in Sweden
  • You must be fully prepared to leave Sweden when your term of employment is over.

More information on where to apply, what it costs, to solve those double extra ,extra hustles follow this link believe me it helps Swedish Immigration

Guys I hope this post has been helpful. I will let you know how to apply for work in Sweden tomorrow!

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Chido said...

Well done for this information I admit it is hard to find information about Sweden thanks for the tips. Sweden has never been an option due to the factors you mentioned.
thanks once again

Peace ya´ll

Folasade said...

I am looking forward to the tips you have to give on how to apply for work...

Anonymous said...

what is the general attitude towards black people? Do you have a good social life, are you accepted or are you seen as a species exhibit?thanks

Anonymous said...


Nice to see your blog. I live in Helsingborg and I am from Nigeria. Which country are you from?