Wednesday, June 11

A luxury brand by GUCCI

Hi guys, I hope you have had a wonderful day.

Today I will be featuring some beautiful products that are both stylish and exclusive by GUCCI. GUCCI was started as a Leather Company by Guccio Gucci in 1921 in Florence, Italy. By the 1930s the brand was already attracting sophisticated clientèle by its unique horsebit and stirrup motifs. As we all know GUCCI today is still among the extravagant brands worn by the affluent in society. Most of us associate this brand mainly with its luxurious bags, belts,
wallets but the brand has expanded to a much wider range of clientèle.

Sunglasses are a necessity especially in the summer. If you are to do it the GUCCI way, a lovely pair like this one, will definitely increase the luxury effect.

Costs from US$90

Another product that is well needed is a watch. This wrist-watch is not only ranked as among the best designs but also as being very practical for use. Sold in gold and stainless steel. Luxury effect very high.

Costs US$2300

I can recommend the following product to all as it is affordable for almost anyone. Although GUCCI is a luxury product otherwise, their perfume prices are ranging in the same league as other quality fragrances. I own the fragrance featured here and I must admit it is really worth its price.
Lastly, I would never have associated this last product with GUCCI at all, since in my opinion its not what they normally design. However this only shows that the GUCCI team is not only innovative but very contemporary.
GUCCI shows that there are no boundaries to the fashion industry!

For more information about GUCCI you can visit their website here at GUCCI.


regina said...

I love Gucci but I think its too expensive....

Tarry said...

Gucc is lovely but expensive, i have to agree with regina. Are they cheaper but similar brands for some of us of modest means?

Emilia said...

hi guys I know that these products really are expensive. If you follow me up in the next couple of days you will get the names to some products you can buy that are cheaper