Wednesday, June 17

Finally summer is in Stockholm

Hi Yáll!

It has been a very long, cold and dark winter but today I saw with my very own eyes a summer sign. It's such a relief to finally see that we are going towards brighter days.
About my blogging, honestly, I just had no energy to write. You can't imagine the anxiety I felt, everytime I thought about my bad updates but now l will do my best.

Back to SUMMER..... So much to do and to look forward to! Here are a few things I have longed for, for summer 2009.

No:1) Swedish strawberries

I don't know but there is just something about the strawberries here that just give me this feeling that it is finally summer. l simply have to have mine with some whipped fresh cream with a touch of vanilla. Hmmmmmmm Yummy Yummy

No:2) SALES in swedish: REALISATION

Lets face it, this credit crunch has left us all opting for cheaper alternatives right! I am looking forward to this year's sale period, which is officially starting this weekend. However a few shops have false started their sales due to the economic situation.

Check this pair of shoes l bought last year for just 149kr

Hope I can do better this year in terms of price....

No:3) Outdoor training:

I am so glad that my gym arranges some of the training sessions outdoors. It's so much fun. I will support this arrangement as much as possible.

Hope you all enjoy your summer and it´s nice to start blogging again.

Good Night!


chayoma said...

Loves me some strawberries...

ShonaVixen said...

Welcome back sha!!! Long time!!!
I came to work without my thats a sign of summer or maybe me being!!

Eliza said...

Hi emilia! Its good you are back: I missed your recipes. Its raining cats and dogs here so i am still waiting for my summer sign as you call it.

StandTall-The Activist said...

Aww you make me feel I shd leave Nigeria now now and join in the fun... well arent we always in summer like season here?

joicee said...

That pic of strawberries ..oh my!

You are just seeing summer signs over it has summery for like one month ...have fun as it comes

Glad your mojo is back on

Lindah said...

I can feel the cyber sweetness of those strawberries. (Un)fortunately,there is no summer in Uganda.
Thanks for stopping by mine and enjoy your summer.

Blomma (prononcer Blouma, "fleur" en suédois) said...

Oh me too, I love strawberries, juste like that, complety nature!

Sassy Trends said...

Whooopss... you sure you're not going to blow up with those stuffs?

Luvn your blog though..

Emilia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emilia said...

Thanks for the respons yáll!
@ chayoma : the Strawberries look g8t ha
@Shona: first of all shah whati igumbo here iroro its looks nice.... anyways i have made that mistake already too many times but we are optimists not naive....
@Eliza: thanks for the support hope your summer sign comes soon
@standtall: Oh, come but only in the summer cuz the winters arent
anything to long for
@Joicee nice to hear from you glad to be back too maybe I should move to your hood if you,ve had summer signs so long
@Lindah: I m glad that you are feeling me. Ugandian weather thats luxury for some of us. Enjoy every bit of it while you can.
@Bloma: Natural is best and with the cream hmmmm fantastic
@Sassy: For a day one needs the pleasures of life otherwise life is a bore. About blowing up well I will be in the frontline at the gym for aerobics sessions

Thanks guys for the comments

StandTall-The Activist said...

All right

Rita said...

Where did you get those strawberries from ;-)

Welcome back to blogging. Hope you've been okay.

70% off is really a good deal.

Emilia said...

Thanks for the comments guys the support is just so amazing

@standtallactivist... you are welcome anytime though
@Rita: Thank you hon its nice to be finally back it was a long and troublesome winter if you know what I am saying...but like I said b4 its nice to be back
all the best

Anonymous said...

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