Friday, June 13

Best dressed politician a Kenyan

Hi guys the list is now finally out and I am so proud to present the nominees for this year...

Well this year forget France´s president Nicolas Sarkozy or even Hamid Karzai, Afghan president who made it in the Esquire magazine´s list of well dressed man in 2007 . This year only one politician made it to the top ten rankings and he happens to have Kenyan blood. I am talking about Barrack Obama a politician with Kenyan roots.

Not only has Obama enjoyed the success of being ranked in Esquire but has silently given an answer back to Tom Ford one of the fashion icons, who has long said he wants to sharpen Obama´s already well thought look of tailored suits with a tinge of edginess. He has actually said in other words that he thinks that Obama is not well dressed. The funny thing though is that Tom Ford did not make it in the list at all. That says something about our fashion icons hmmm... I suppose like beauty, fashion too is in the eye of the beholder.

For Obama everything seems to be working out just right, he is now the democrats presidential candidate. However Telegraph News possed a question that I too am wondering over, they say "What does Obama really finds most amusing? Being the presidential candidate or being one of the best dressed man in the world this year?".

All I can say its nice to see him in the list!Obama and his lovely wife Michelle

For the complete list of the nominees check this link out The top ten list 2008


Anonymous said...

obama he the man

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