Friday, June 13

EURO 2008 menu

Hi guys, the match is now finally over, what a match! Holland I wonder how they do it they are on fire!

I just had to watch Holland´s match today after they had massacred Italy on their previous match. However I knew that even though I was up for a GOURMET supper today it would have to eat it in front of the TV. We call them TV dinners...

So this is what I made:
Garlic beef braised in Rosé Wine and Balsam Vinegar.
Quinoa pasta and broccoli coated in pesto sauce. I also served Rucola and to give it a more friday feeling we topped it of the with a glass of South African wine Mulderbosch a Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé from Stellenbosch.

Good night from me and if you try this dish BON Appétit.


Tarry said...

I'm enjoying the Euro2008, cant wait for Spain and Sweden match.

Emilia said...

well too bad Sweden lost today Stockholm is depressed actually we were hoping for more

Anonymous said...

emilia, if that's u in the picture, u really beautiful. Wanna come to Copenhagen for a drink? I'd really love getting to know you.