Monday, June 16

Eye makeup

Hi guys I have had a really busy weekend with work, casting for an advertisement and so on ... thats why its been very terrible with updating but will surely improve this week!

Am not going to write much today but I will just show some eye make up I bought for myself and I got as a present from a friend during the weekend. Tomorrow I will feature how one can get the cat look as one in the picture but to start of with you could get yourself some eyeshadow as below.

You can go expensive but you can also go budget, its really up to you... both alternatives work. Its simply a matter of taste and what your pocket allows.

YSL is a luxury brand a bit on the expensive side! You find them at NK or Åhléns in sweden but also on their website

You can also get good makeup at budget price and here is one of the ranges of eye shadows H&M has. Lovely stuff it is. If you want to buy this makeup on line this is their link
Otherwise H&M is in most countries in Europe and in the States as well.

Bronze powder by H&M is also really nice...

More from me tomorrow!

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