Sunday, June 8

A lovely summer day

It has been once again a lovely summer day in stockholm and everyone looks lovely. Unfortunately, I had to work today so I couldn´t sunbath at all. After work I took a walk back home with one of my best friends catching up on some old time it was really fun.
Days like this I cant eat during the day I get so puffed up in the stomach so this is actually what I drank the whole day at work," Oatmilk ".

Its actually very good for me since I have a sensitive stomach. Low GI too so you do not feel hungry at all, I love this drink.
Yesterday was one of those shopping days and this is what I bought for myself. Some accessories from H&M.

The flowers costed 29.50kr and are they were in three different colours cream ad light blue. I prefered these ones though to the rest.
This lovely peice of work matches almost anything in my wardrobe I love it only cost 49.50kr.

Well its an early morning for me tommorrow so I will call it a day for now.

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Brian said...

Are you from Zimbabwe? someone said you were and can you write more stories about how it is like to be a zimbo or african in sweden not just stories about makeup. Thanks.