Saturday, June 7

Summer makeup

Today was really one of those lovely days in Stockholm, the weather was perfect sunny and bright. I , in particular was feeling up for shopping. Surprisingly my darling was up for a shopping round as well which is rather rare, however I am not complaining instead I am quite happy about the whole outcome. We went to NK where I bought some makeup I had totally run out. I only had primer, eyeliner and lipgloss left. One cant get too far with that.

Mac is my favorate makeup brands at the moment you find them at Åhléns and NK, they have everything. They actually have the best make up for all skin types and I cant find any foundation or concealer that works better than this particular brand for my skin.

Right now, after sun bathing my skin is very uneven and to really achieve the look I want to have I must have 2-3 different shades of foundation as below. It really does make a differance in how the makeup looks at the end of the day.

The shades are NC45, NW47, & NW45.

Girls for me M.A.C is the best try it out girls you wont regret.


lia80 said...

Thanks for your lovely blogg cant wait for more of your tips, am happy that you have started blogging/ rita

Tarry said...

Great style gal, love the accesories and shoes, keep em coming. Can i also send my favourite stylish poseesions on your blog?

Emilia said...

Hi Tarry thanks for your lovely comments! You can definitely send me your products and I will make a preview of them for publishing on the blog.

send me on my mail

ShonaVixen said...

i totally agree wiv ya..Mac is the Best and Bobbi Brown aint bad too