Monday, July 14


Eric, Nicolette and Trinah are in!

Best perfomance this week!

Adiona unfortunately has been voted out. I blame it all on her song choice. Rihanna´s Umbrella is a big NO NO. I think it´s not serious enough. Another thing is she sang one of Celine Dion´s masterpeices and come on we all know you never attemp to do a Celine Dion reproduce unless you are Celine Dion herself. Some artists are just not to be sang in such competitions otherwise you will forever be compared to them and unfortunately will never compare to them.

I am a bit dissapointed with Adiona for this poor choice of songs. I really thought she had a chance of being in the last two. All the same "Adiona , I wish you all the best in your music career and I hope you find your niche... Adios".

To be honest though,
I really was not impressed by any of the girls perfomances this week, I didn´t quite feel them. Shape up girls for real... We expect better song choices next week.

Now on a positive note, I just want to say, " the perfomance of the week was by ERIC when he sang End of the road by Boys II Men."
I seriously got chills like when I heard him sing When a man loves a woman by Michael Bolton. This guy can pull stunts only a pro can. Enjoy the perfomance.

All the best to the top three!


Anonymous said...

I hope this guy wins he is sooooooooooooooo great lovely voice

NO TO AMBI said...


Tarry said...

Rooting for Eric since, the zim contest right on eric. BORN TO PERFORM!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Gloria said...

Anoimba Eric! Emilia please show us when he did Michael Bolton I have to see him perform

Gloria said...

Anoimba Eric! Emilia please show us when he did Michael Bolton I have to see him perform said...

Hey, the first time i saw Erik sing was in Zimbabwe way back in 2000 on our 1st Pop Idol. He got soul and he has been persistant since.
And Loyiso of course; I follow the brother every other which way. He got class no diggity ! Same thing with my other idol 2Face Idibia! The first time i saw Loyiso perform was at HICC in Harare. I had never seen such class and style.He sang "Gimme The Night" by non other than George Benson.You can only get sweaty if you are like me.
Way to go Africa. Good work Emilia, we are right behind you.