Wednesday, July 16

"Loyiso from nothing to success"

check out these two videos about Loyisa. I was really impressed by his classy perfomance the other day, when he teamed up with Jamelia to sing As by Stevie Wonder. Nice, smooth voice he had. I, therefore decided to check him out and here are some interesting videos I found about him.
Loyiso is South Africa´s Prince of R`n`B. Cool isn´t he!

Here, Loviso talks about his life and how he managed to get out South Africa´s worst enviroments.

This is Loviso perfoming with Jamelia, I saw this and liked his way....

Be inspired by this guy and enjoy his music!


Anonymous said...

Hello Emilia,
I sent this msg to you by email, not sure you received it:
Great to read from you! And many thanks for the kind words.
I'm glad to meet a Nigerian living in Uppsala... and wondering, what's the Naija population there... perhaps a rough estimate.
Interestingly I also studied pharmacy, graduated from the University of Ibadan in 2004. So perhaps we might be able to discuss some pharmacognosy, apart from maybe you acting as an (unpaid :-))) ) tour-guide while I'm there...

I've had a quick look at your blog, and will certainly be back regularly as I prepare for my trip. Keep up the good work, and thanks again for getting in touch

Warm regards,
TO (Nordic Africa Guest Writer)

Love Bird said...

Loyiso is the BOMB. Africa needs more of this. We need more class. I have nothing against being Afrocentric but we need put in a little extra $$$$ just to increase style.

Why is he not the King of R´n´B? Prince aint enough for the man!

Peace I´m out....