Wednesday, July 2

Career guide a ticket to Sweden

Good afternoon to you all! How is it going out there?

Stockholm is pouring, cats and dogs, spoiling a lovely sunny day. Anyway what to do besides just accept that it´s the way it is. Probably some of you are wondering why I am complaining but believe me if you have spent almost half of the year in the winter here in Sweden I am sure you would be complain too, at the slightest weather change that deprives you of the sun. Oh the sun a precious commodity here in the north.

Enough about the weather lets talk work opportunities in Sweden.... Anyone who needs to find employment is never satisfied with just one job application but applies for as many vacancies as possible right. How does the saying go by the way? Yeah, "If you search you will find" and definitely the attitude to have whilst looking for employment here in Sweden.

Where then to start one may wonder but it´s simple start of with a CV, get acquainted with some websites I will show you below and make very good use of google and start some serious job hunting. Always make a good presentation of yourself attach it to your electronic CV, so that you can send it to as many vacancies as possible that fit in to your qualifications. Here is some very practical information to read and it´s in this link Looking for work in Sweden?

Where to find work check out the following sites that have a number of job vacancies:
The Local
Career jet
Sweden Jobs

I recommend that you visit Ericsson , Teliasonera, Astra Zeneca and Scania and leave in your CVs. There are other more swedish companies the list is endless. I suggest that you google them.

I hope this has been helpful like I have mentioned make use google to search for other sites that provide similar services.

Enjoy your day


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Feyi said...

This was useful information. I have taken your tips to heart.