Thursday, July 3

The GI diet (Food for a better lifestyle)

We all do want to lose weight, right? This we want to do without struggling at all in other words without having to starve to death and without having to lose any concentration levels... A miracle diet is what we want. But just hold on, what miracle diet are you talking about isn’t it The GI DIET? The diet that has come to Sweden and that has exploded to levels no one would ever have imagined.... Of course, it is and it works like wonders!

What then is The GI (i.e. Glycemic Index)?
This index ranks foods based on their effect on blood sugar in your body. Each food on the Glycemic Index receives a "score" according to how much your blood sugar level increases within a few hours of eating it. When following any weight loss diet based on this concept, you'll be choosing from foods that have a low GI rating. By avoiding starchy foods with fast carbohydrates like pasta, rice, potatoes and basically any foods that are not wholegrain you will I guarantee you DROP weight like crazy……

Before I go further you might make a link to the Atkins diet but they are not similar at all, so don't get this wrong. The G.I.Diet states that you must eat carbohydrates but the right ones that come from fruit, vegetables, whole grains, beans and low fat dairy products. All these can be eaten without letup while saturated fats and fast carbohydrates are eliminated totally from the diet. This diet is what all health, medical and nutritional GURUS have recommended for years now. How many times have we heard Gillian McKeith (You are what you eat) emphasize the need to include loads of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, lean meat/fish and whole grains in the diet as this is essential for a long-term good health? The G.I. Diet is what we all need to eat to feel fabulous.

More positive things say about GI: For all those with diabetes read the following statement slowly and carefully ”this diet has helped many keep the sugar level in tact helping them to improve their quality of life ". How about that? Why not give the diet a try, its worth it especially if you are having problems with sugar levels. What I like mostly about the GI diet and i think this you should all hear about is that the energy levels are high all the time because the sugar levels are constant and never will you feel drowsy after eating a GI meal, I love GI diets.

Guys you need to try out GI and if you do so you will stay healthy....

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