Friday, July 4

Weekend Special (Help ailing relatives)

Hi guys!

I just wanted to share some good news good news good news people....
This is what I got a hold of recently. As we all know there is a shortage of certain resources back in Africa. Medicine being among the list of items. As a future pharmacist, I was compelled to ask if there was any opportunity to provide medicine for those ailing back home.

Well, I talked to one of the managers of the state owned pharmaceutical company Apoteket AB which runs a chain of pharmacies throughout the country. This is what he told me, "if a person back home does not have the opportunity to buy a certain drug because it´s too expensive or that the drug is not available in their own country an arrangement can be made". What one can do is that a valid prescription can be sent to a relative in Sweden who then goes to the pharmacy to claim and pay for the medicine. The thing is that the relative or acquaintance can not take out the medicine but the medicine is directly sent to the relative who is ailing...

I thought this was fantastic news for those who have sick relatives, who can not get hold of the required treatment.

Have a nice beginning to your weekend

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this information, do you or does anyone know if the same services are provided in the UK.
Emilia if I want to buy from the UK can I still do it?