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Hi guys, sorry once again for the bad update. However like I have said , I am on my summer holiday. I have not had access to the computer since I have been to the countryside... All the same we have a TV there and I have been following the Olympics...Read this story and tell me what you think!

Swedish Ara Abrahamian throws his bronze medal in protest

Abrahamian threw down his 84kg greco-roman bronze in disgust after his shot at gold was ended by a decision denounced by the Swedish coach as "politics".

Abrahamian took the medal from around his neck during the medal ceremony, stepped from the podium and dropped it in the middle of the mat before storming off.

The Swedish wrestler had to be restrained by team-mates earlier as a row erupted with judges over the decision in a semi-final bout with Andrea Minguzzi of Italy, who went on to the take gold.

Abrhamian, who won silver at the Athens 2004 Games, shouted at the referee, then went over to confront judges, angrily throwing off the restraining arm of a team official.

Swedish fans booed loudly as the judges filed out of the arena. Abrahamian said nothing to waiting reporters but whacked an aluminium barricade with his fist as he left the hall.

"It's all politics," said Swedish coach Leo Myllari.

Myllari did not say if he intended to lodge a formal protest over the decision by referee Jean-Marc Petoud of Switzerland, judge Lee Ronald Mackay of Canada, and mat chairman Guillermo Orestes Molina of Cuba.

Other favourites went out in the semi-finals or earlier. Athens 96kg gold medallist Karam Gaber of Egypt failed to make it to the quarter-finals. Aleksey Mishin of Russia, who took Athens gold in the 84kg class, was beaten by Minguzzi.

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Anonymous said...

too much corruption in this sport. Italy maffia

Andrea said...

han har blivit av med sin medal har jag nu hört! detta gör mig riktigt arg. helt sjuk!

chie said...

Funny he should react like that...Hi Emilia, thanks for visiting my blog sometime are appreciated