Wednesday, August 27

Summer holiday over!

Hi guys, I am now back!

Firstly I would like to say:
"Thanks for the emails, from all of you who were wondering where I was and how I was doing, these past few weeks..."
I was first of all in Enköping a town north of Stockholm at the summer house. After wards, I went further up to Dalarna and it was absolutely fantastic a holiday well needed.

I have now revived my energy and after these summer holidays it feels like a new period is starting, you know it´s like a new year! Besides enjoying the sun, I watched a lot of tv (cartoons) hahhahahahhaha, read a book Snabba Cash in swedish , swam at the summer house it´s near the sea, I read another book that I highly recommend to everyone Eat, shoots and leaves and lastly I gained at least 5 kg from all the good food I ate.

Unfortunately, while I was sorting the pictures on my camera, I somehow erased all the pictures . Typical right! All the same I am back and check this video out, one the videos, I watched... LOVE IT!

Silly Symphony 'Symphony In Slang' - More amazing videos are a click away


eliza said...

Welcome back home

yankeenaijababe said...

Where are you staying at? Europe or America. ..Pharmacy is a great course to study. Education is the key to success.

download Dolans Cadillac said...

that was terrific:-)