Tuesday, September 23

Sorry.....No internet connection

Hi guys!
Sorry for the terrible update but these past few days my internet connection has not been available and neither was my telephone working so I was kind of isolated. Finally after calling the support center in India we were able to get back on the net.

This weekend, not much action, I was at home. One of the days though, I watching a documentary about the world`s fattest man, Manuel Uribe, and I was thinking to myself "How can someone get this HUGE? Almost 350kg, incredible!!!!

Manuel Uribe in his bed

...."I mean he is so big, he has not been able to get out of his bed for almost six years", they said,
....So big, he is in the Guinness world record for the fattest man ever known,
.....So big, that if he lost the weight he would also make it to the Guinness world record for The person, who has lost the most weight ever...

Well, I was so intrigued by the fact that the people around him did not say or do a thing about his condition. I mean his family, friends, workmates, etc, I think they could see that his weight was escalating. I even blame it mostly on the doctors especially for not doing anything about it . I think it´s high time doctors actually confronted their patients about their overweight and obesity problems.

On the brighter side of life though it was stated that Manuel Uribe is on a Low Carb diet just like the one I am on nowadays. The nice thing too is he is losing lots of weight, Nice right... So that's even more proof that the GI- low carb diet works. Yippie!!! Well, all I can say is just don´t let the weight take over your life or someone in your life, like it did for this guy... Coz it was really miserable to see!

Todays diet
Breakfast: Yogurt with3 sorts seeds(Sesame, linseed and psyllium)
Lunch: Had no time to eat so I grabbed a Low cab, low GI chocolate bar and had 2 fruits to it
Snack: Tea, tea, and a boiled egg with cavier
Supper: I will have Spaghetti Bolognaise with some Soya Bean and lentil salad.
Am off to the gym will work out 1 hour intensive workout...Burn some fat

Talk some more tomorrow!


Don said...

Uribe should've never allowed himself to become so big, that is seriously scary. I cringed from simply looking @ the picture. Just scary.

It does make you want to attend the gym, doesn't it? LOL.

Bombchell said...

I remember seeing his show. he was such a nice guy, and i remember the lady he liked. I hope he's better now.

Eliza said...

this is sick, how can someone get this big

Rita said...

I can't believe someone could get that big...

Good r internet is up...

The mention of Spaghetti Bolognaise makes me hungry even after a 3-course meal...

savvy said...

Hi Emilia,
First time here and I like your blog already. I can't believe even in Sweden you get internet problems? And then call a company in India?

I read with interest that story of the world's fattest man...

ShonaVixen said...

@Savvy its just not in Sweden, even here, BT's whole internet and phone call centre is in India!!!

As for Manuel, u're so right?why didnt any1 notice that he was just way too big??and he's just bound on his bed??i mean i start panicking when last season's clothes start being a tad bit too tight..let alone weight for when i cant get out of bed!!!
At least he's doing something about it!!
Ems hon, hope you ok!!xoxo

Afrobabe said...

That calling india thing is really pissing me off, my mobile company's call centre is in india as well....

I AM STARTING THAT DIET TODAY...no more chips errrrm whiskey allowed???

good naija girl said...

Ok, I think it's fair to say that something has gone obviously gone terribly wrong with Manuel's body's metabolism or something. I don't think we all have the capacity to balloon to that size by simply eating a lot and not exercising so yes, he's not the poster boy of good health but I think there are other factors at play.

Also, I watched a show about him and his mother is an ENABLER. They showed the kind of foods she prepares for him (all the unhealthy fried foods, huge portions), and she said that when she tries to give him less he complains. Instead of giving in, she should have said "if you want more, come and make it" and that would have (back when he was able) helped him to at least get to the point where he could get out of bed to get his own food.

I don't blame his family entirely though (we have to take responsibility for our actions) but once he became bedridden, this was her chance to tell him she's only going to cook healthy, low carb food for him and if he doesn't like it, he does not have to eat.

Anyway, the important thing is he's getting the help he needs and he's losing weight. Apparently he had lost over 500lbs by this past February!

I can't deny that I found it very interesting that he was once married and had a girlfriend (now fiancée) who he met while he was the fattest man in the world and bedridden, yet I can't even meet a man ;). He does come across as confident and charming when he speaks though.

Congrats on continuing on with your weight loss plan, Emilia! I'm still trying to work up the motivation to join you.

Emilia said...

Hi guys what´s up,
Don you know i lost my appetite when I saw the guy, it was a motivator to see him
@ bombchell the guy is quite cool very charming even has a fiancée,so nothing wring with him that way
@Eliza I agree with you it is sick like you say appalling actually
@ Rita so what did you eat 3 course meal hmmm that sounds quite posh...
@savvy India is outsourcing everything you know INDIA= cheap labour. you are welcome back.
@Shona Girl I am fine... Uribho here? and i agree with you about the Manuel thing as soon as clothes don't fit I get a panic as well so why did people say nothing
@Afrobabe YIPPIE we are more in the Quest...Indeed we can do this together
@Good naija girl You did a nice summary about this... his mom should have told him to stop eating like that. She was killing the guy literally by feeding him like that sick sick sick
thank yáll

dessex said...

I need to write down your diet plan....I hit the gym daily...my only problem is that I eat too late in the night.

and I would not let anyone in my family get that size.

Emilia said...

that´s the attitude man keep it up...
Well re-schedule for your meals so you eat in time

All the best

yankeenaijababe said...

Scary but sad...that's sad.