Wednesday, September 17

Day 9 -today´s diet regime " I must eat pizza"

Guys today was the worst day of all since the diet started in terms of craving. It´s that period when a woman just has to eat whatever she craves and today it was the Authentic Italian Pizza. Mine has to have Mozzarella Cheese, with air dried ham, basil and tomato... I thought of you all, my newly found bloggville family, how you have supported me. I also thought of how far I have come. So, I decided to once again resist. l told myself no and I DID IT!

Instead, when I came home, l made an omelet. With, guess what? My favorite pizza ingredients Mozzarella Cheese, air dried ham, basil and tomato...It was just as good as a pizza, try it too.

Base for omelet For 2
3-4 eggs
1/2 a cup milk
1 cup of grated cheese
Crushed garlic
butter to fry in
Salt and pepper to taste
Beat eggs, milk, salt and pepper together. Melt butter and wait until it´s reasonably hot but not too hot. Pourover the egg mixture. Let it cook at low heat. Sprinkle some cheese over the eggs...At this stage, you can now add and combine which ever ingredients you find appealing, tuna fish, onions. shrimps, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms etc. The choice is yours... Sprinkle more cheese over and leave on the heat until the cheese has melted. Serve with a good salad.

So next time you get a pizza crave and you can eat something healthier as an Omelet version of your favorite Pizza.

Today´s menu!
Tea for breakfast wit a banana
Lunch:Italian omelet
tea, tea, tea and protein bar after training
Carrot and broccoli soup and fish
I trained one hour at low intensity. It was really nice to go back to the gym.


Bondgirl said...

that looks soooo good, you need to release a cookbook or something child!! Keep on coming with those recipes because trust me people like me are paying attention!

ShonaVixen said...

i so agree wiv bond girl..u do need to release a cookbook!!!i keep track of those recipes and am experimenting on ma girls and lil sis!!!keep em coming hon...hope u are feeling better today!!xoxo

Rita said...

Wow...didnt know the omelette could look this good and that there was an alternative to pizza. Emilia, you are too good.

Hope you write a book sometime

Ade Adeyemi said...

the cravings get better hun!, keep going, it will be well worth it - good luck!... the omellette looks really good.

Monique said...

i really agree with shonavix and bondgirl u must release a cook book the food looks too good to just be left like that without some real memories,,,....u need to share those yummy receipts, i made that omellette today, it was the best everrrrrr

Carlo said...


Hello from a Brother from America. Was perusing the web and forgot I was already subscribed to ZimDaily. Anyway, I like your blog and your efforts at dieting. I'm an off-and-on diter, but I do need to lose some pounds.

The food looks very appetizing and your recipes seem easy to follow. Keep up the good work.

When I get my blog together, meaning when I learn how to add things, etc., why not "drop in." It's title is Xoca Notes at Google/Blogger.

Take care and all the best.


joicee said...

First time here ....@the food ...hmmmm.. double yum.. I´m getting the recipe

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...


Eliza said...

one more tasty recipe Emilia-Thanks for the tips. This looks so good will definitely try it out

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

that just made me hungry, lol

came here looking for an update

Emilia said...

hi all thanks for the flattering comments was not able to keep in touch my internet connection was disabled but now I am back...
so guys here we go
@bondgirl, Shona, Rita and monique I will see what I can do about the book thing Thanks for the idea
@ade thanks for the encouragement just what I need right now thanks girl
@Carlo let me know when you are ready with your blog lets pursue a healthy lifestyle together
@Joicee girl give some feedback would like o know how it went down
@ fresh and fab hi back to you sorry to you and everyone for the bad update but had no internet connection
@ eliza thanks dear and pls give me feedback on how it tastes

All the best


Don said...

Makes me want to beg for a plate ad some juice.

savvy said...

some of us (me in particular) can't cook, or rather the food never comes out as nice as we expect. anyway, that omelette had me feeling hungry and i've just had breakfast!

am with the rest on the book idea..

Afrobabe said...

I have this cravings everyday!!!

At least I now know what I will be having for dinner...that looks great...

Traycee said...

Oh wow that looks so good

AnyaPosh said...

mmmm....looks so good, like pizza almost with mozarella mm good!

Anonymous said...

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