Tuesday, September 16

One week on the diet and it´s working!!!!!

Hi all,
one week has now passed with me on the GI DIET. I have said to myself, I will only weigh and measure myself only once every week. So today was the day and here is the verdict... weight: -2,5kg; waist: -0,7cm and hips: -1cm.

Why is it so important with the waist measurements?

The goal for women is less than 80 cm and for men is less than 94 cm. Fat around the waist increases the risk for Type-2 diabetes as well coronary heart diseases. Statistics show that those with waist measurements that are over 88 cm for women and over 102 cm for men, are prone to diseases. So make sure you measure yourself and see your status.

Do not despair, if you are overweight!
Take control, of yourself and your lifestyle. Think like this, you are most likely eating more than what your body needs and /or can burn. The best way is for you to, first do a diet plan that you will follow religiously. Eat healthy food and start training at least 30 minutes a day. That´s enough exercise for a day.Eat regular meals at specific times that is breakfast, lunch , a midday snack and supper.Remember to eat a variety of foods to get the best from all food groups.

Take control of your health and your body with the right numbers, and you will see that you will feel better.

This is what I ate today:
Breakfast: Yogurt with sesame seeds and tea
Lunch: Salad ( fresh: broccoli, lettuce, tomato, carrots, cabbage, red onions, and marinated chick peas) to this I had fish again
Midday snack: tea tea tea
Supper: Mashed cauliflower with pork chops

Good night!


Eliza said...

Wow! you lost so much, that´s great. nice with the numbers. It helps to know what i need to have as figures. type -2 diabetes so not cool

ShonaVixen said...

a job well done hone...its working and u're feeling gr8 about it and with that you motivate others to do it too...well done

poeticallytinted said...

Why did i just find your blog? Well i followed Rita's link to this place. Good work girl. I have been trying to lose some myself. Have actually succeeded. Afraid to weigh myself but you know what? I KNOW I've lost some. Everyone says so... lol. And I fit into this shirt (comfortably) I haven't worn in nearly a year.

Red Sapphire said...

This is very interesting emilia.I have never had cause to bother bout my weight though, but this is a definite eye opener for my friends...i am going to forward the GI Diet to them asap.
Thanks for your love and support.
One love.

Rita said...

Wow...the diet is working...Yipeee..

I never knew about the importance of waist measurements until now. Thanks for sharing this Emilia. You are great...

Emilia said...

Hi weeks 1week gone can you believe it and it feels great!
@eliza: figures reveal a lot so watch out for them, type-2 is not fun at all
@thanks and I am feeling great I am pushed to do some more
@Poetically tinted...isn't it great to lose weight esp excess I am happy for you... Weigh yourself and see
everything you´ve done as an achievement. weight loss isn't just the mass but the cm/inches too, keep it up!
You are welcome back here
@red sapphire: nice to know you that you will pass this information forward to your friends who might need it. If they are aware of the dangers f overweight maybe they might just do something about it.
@rita: Yipee it is working, am soooooo happy, and our numbers should be kept in the place....

princesa said...

That ur diet didnt sound interesting o,lol! I wish i could eat all em raw veggies, i would lose weight a whole lot faster.
Good luck with the diet girl and is that ur pic up there? You look tres fabulous!!!

Smaragd said...

your diet sounds *coughs* interesting...lol

i'm bad with restrictions. so no diets for me.

your last recipe sounds interesting though.

Emilia said...

hi all was at the gym felt strange to be back but felt good at the same time. now I see that I have some visitors while I was away and
@princess: I know the diet is interesting not the typical HOLLYWOOD, its one of those diets that really took some time for me get used to and to accept but you lose and no hunger pangs that´s the best part...according to me
@smaragad: Try the recipe and give me feedback, there is the non diet version.

onydchic said...

Wow... ur so lucky, ur diet seems to be working. I think I've been on one form of a diet at one point or the other for 80% of my teenage/adult life. Somehow, its not working... Hm...And I assure you, there is no way in HELL I can be eating more than I need at this point!!!

Ah well. C'est la vie.